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A campaign to raise awareness of the circular economy and waste recycling

In implementation of activity 4 - "Development and implementation of campaigns to raise awareness regarding the circular economy and waste recycling in various educational institutions in the municipality of Pomorie and among the general public" of Project BGENVIRONMENT-3.001-0012-C01 "The next generations in Municipality of Pomorie - more responsible in the use of resources and involved in the transformation to a circular economy through educational, informative and promotional-demonstration measures" 8 short films and 8 trailers were made, with content relevant to each of the 8 thematic directions regarding the circular economy and waste recycling:
1. Plastics;

2. Glass;

3. Paper and cardboard;

4. Textile;

5. Metals and alloys;

6. Unusable batteries and accumulators, with an emphasis on batteries;

7. Biodegradable waste (for composting);

8. Circular economy in the context of enterprises (private sector).

Watch the videos on the Youtube channel of "Hristo Botev" Elementary School, Bata village.